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About Flash TFC Global

Flash TFC Global is an OTC, Spot, Future exchange product of The Flash Currency-TFC project.  We aim to create the ecosystem as well as affirm the commitment to our roadmap.  For long-term development with core values, The Flash Currency- TFC always listens and updates the project regularly, we follow the project and innovate vision step by step to create an ecosystem for TFC.
 1 Exchange features:
 Users easily set up accounts, kyc is easy and fast, We work hard to meet kyc for users.
 After setting up an account, the User can choose his favorite coins to trade futures or spots as desired.
 Creating a wallet is easy, you choose the currency you like to create a wallet.
 After creating a wallet, the User can use his address to deposit them and sell them on our platform.  Users can withdraw anytime anywhere, Everything happens quickly and securely.
 2Using Fiat Currency:
 different from other trading platforms
 users have to trade P2P with other partners to convert foreign currency and use it to buy crypto.  Flash TFC Global deposit fiat directly with our trusted partner, your balance will be credited instantly and you can buy any coin you like.
 3 Liquidity
 We have many partners that create large liquidity, meet the withdrawal criteria of users.  Withdrawals are easy fast and secure!
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About Us

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